Friday, July 13, 2012

You are still alive.

In my darkest hour, at the lowliest point in my life I went to of all places, a cemetery.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I thought that is where I belonged.  I put my face down to the grave of my grandmother and cried.  To my surprise I felt the presence of God there.  It is true that there is no place we can hide from Him.
A soft breeze blew through the strands of my hair and He pressed in my heart these words. 
“You are still alive.”
I was broken in spirit and without a friend who could understand.  My mind was weary.  My heart was cold and bitter.  I tried to reason why after so many years my prayer was not answered.  I reasoned.  I calculated.  I considered the matter and every time I came up empty.
There I lay, in a senseless place, with a faithless mind, and an ungrateful heart.
But God, who is rich in love and grace, cared about the issues of this woman. He determined His will to come and rescue me. He comforted me and increased my faith by His Word.
When nothing and no one else could help…. Jesus saved me.  When I was scared to stand alone in this world, Jesus exchanged my fears for courage.
Leave your inhibitions behind and live. Leave your past behind and live.
Your heart is still beating. You can still cry out. Love is still inside of you.
Come away from the grave.
You are still alive.


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