Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Talitha Cumi

Talitha Cumi (Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.)
I studied these words from Mark 5:41 as I prepared for my trial sermon this month.  It is amazing how the Word of God can parallel with so many of life’s struggles.  In these verses we see Jairus coming to Jesus by faith and praying that He would come and lay hands on his daughter that she may be made well.  Before Jesus arrives at the home of Jairus, it was announced that his daughter was dead.
The loss and pain of physical death is real.  The loss and pain of spiritual death is just as real.  Have you ever found yourself in a spiritually sick state?  Because of the trials of life, your faith was shaken and as a result, your soul was injured. 
Death is separation.  It is separation from life.  Have you ever been separated from spiritual life?
My fight with depression was brutal.  During that time I should have held on to my faith in God with all that was within me, but I didn’t.  I did not want to admit it at the time, but I was making a conscious decision to let the fight overtake me. 
My mother was the Jairus in my life.  Her faith remained steadfast and her intercessory prayers sustained me until "I" was ready to rise.  As hard as life seemed to be for me at the time, I didn’t want to die.  My soul wanted desperately to live and thrive.
I needed a restoration of my faith, so I engrossed myself with scripture.  I memorized. I quoted.  I wrote.  The Word of God became embedded in me.  Faith comes from the Word of God. 
Finally I found the courage to face the reality of poor decisions I made and accept responsibility.  Yet, with all of my toiling, only God had the power to regenerate my spiritual life.  I cried unto Lord to lay His hands on me and in the spirit Jesus proclaimed
“Talitha Cumi, Damsel I say unto thee arise”
Just like the daughter of Jairus rose from physical death, I rose from my bed of depression and He renewed His Spirit within me.  His daughter rose and started walking.  Once God mended my brokenness, by faith, I walk in the Spirit.
Continually my prayer shall be…Lord lay your hand upon… according to my faith He will answer, “Talitha Cumi”

-Candra Evans

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