Monday, June 11, 2012

I Will Trust God Again

In the last twenty years of serving God, I have learned to trust in Him.  Mastering the art of trust does not happen overnight.  It was a process that required exercising my faith every day.  I had to maintain my focus away from my own thoughts and imaginations to God’s eternal promises.  I learned to give little notice to the clock and figuring out just when my blessing would come, and paid more attention to the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.
The stretching of my faith meant discomfort to the flesh.  But as they say: no pain, no gain.
The issues of life are complicated.  They seem to offer more problems than resolutions.  I find myself every day needing to “trust God again.”  The faith I had for yesterday was for yesterday.  Today brings new concerns.
Trusting God never ends.  We can pride ourselves in our education and experience but only as we get closer to Jesus can we see things as they really are.  The journey to Him means yielding trust.  It requires giving authority to His sovereignty in our lives. 
The answers for yesterday may not be applicable today.  God may have a different command for us today.  The guidance of the Holy Ghost may lead us in a direction different from what we planned when we woke up this morning.  Will we trust God again?
To trust God again today I cannot put all of my trust in a person, thing, or idea.  When I do this, boundaries are blurred and truth is as clear as mud.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Who can be found faithful?  The wrong advice will deepen my pain.  Corrupt motives will trip me and I will stumble.  I must trust God alone. 
Today I will trust in God again.  I have proven myself to be fallible.  Jesus has proved to be flawless.  With each new day, every new trial, and all of life’s burdens, I will trust God again and again.

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